Ocean Fun 3-Ring POOL
  • Round children´s pool in sea animal design for the home garden and the terrace. Enjoy the warm days at home in your own swimming pool with your children.
  • The garden swimming pool offers a generous amount of space. The basin has an outside diameter of 59 in and a height of 21 in and thus offers a pleasant leaning possibility. The garden pool is filled with approx. 105 gallons of water.
  • This children´s pool is ideal for both boys and girls. Thanks to its simple design, it fits perfectly into any garden and provides perfect bathing fun for adults and children. The 3 inflatable rings of the pool provide good stability.
  • Setting up the swimming pool is quick and easy. Assembly instructions are included. The set-up time is only a few minutes. The paddling pool is made of 100% durable PVC and offers a long service life. Should the swimming pool be damaged, a high-quality repair set is included.
  • At the end of summer, the water is simply drained via the drain valve.Attention: The pool is not suitable for children under 6 years. Children should only set-up pool under adult supervision.

Ocean Fun 3-Ring POOL