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Welcome to Ibiza Kidz

Ibiza originally began as a women's boutique on University Place back in 1976. Then in 1986, we expanded and open up a children's division next door. Since then, Ibiza Kidz has moved from University Place, to Astor Place, to Union Square, to the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village area to finally landing here at 337 First Ave. 


Our names are Carole and John, and along side our three loving children, Emily, Kat and Eli, we have absolutely adored being a part of the small business community in NYC. We've been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles over the years, but the best part of the job is getting to interact with wonderful families on a daily basis. And we can't forget to mention our absolutely amazing animals, our adorable beagle's Buddy and Sammie, and our beautiful cat Rosie. 

Foot Measuring

Ibiza Kidz carries a wide variety of children's shoes, toys, accessories, clothing, gifts, and more. A child's first pair of shoes is one of the most important parts of early physical development. Through personal foot measuring and shoe fittings, we make sure that each fit is suitable, comfortable, and stylish.


In the digital world that we're in, buying shoes online have proven to be very difficult for children. Kids' feet are changing every minute, and we don't want to sacrifice a child's first steps for a bargain. We believe that the best way to buy kids shoes is to come in and measure the foot; the length, the width, the arch, etc.. Then there is the question of the brand. Some brands run large, some run small. Some are better for wide feet, some are not. When buying shoes online, one has to put in the effort of ordering multiple sizes, trying them on, and mailing them back. All this shipping wastes plastic packaging, contributes to emissions from planes/trucks, and by the time its finished... your kid's foot will be ready for the next size up.


Utilize our personal expertise and attention to detail and ensure that your child's feet are well supported and admired by all. 

Community Engagement

We have absolutely loved being a part of the Stuy Town/Peter Cooper Community for the past few years. We have partnered with Stuy Town/Peter Cooper management Beam Living and hosted numerous events including Navigating NYC School Admissions Process workshop, sleep workshops, parenting workshops, and even partnered up with kids who wanted to start their own SLIME business. (Stuy Town offered a spot in the Oval for Carole and these two local kids to host a Slime event where they got to sell slime they had bottled themselves, and teach others how to make slime in person!) We've hosted multiple book readings, birthday parties, music classes, puppet shows, and have even collaborated with the nearby Pet Store and brought in a whole truckload of exotic animals!

Over the years we've hosted fundraising events raising money for refugees, sexual assault survivors, Syrian relief, and collected toys and coats for children in need. More specifically, in 2019 Carole worked with other local moms (and their kids of course) and set up a lemonade stand raising money for the Rio Grande Valley Rapid Response and KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) helping children who have been separated from their families (article below). We also hosted an event through the organization Returning Hope Inc. (IG: @returninghope) raising money and collecting clothes and toys for women and children living in a domestic violence shelter. Additionally, we collaborated with Winter Wishes, a non-profit program, serving underprivileged children throughout NYC during holiday time.



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"Local Moms Raise $2k for Migrant Kids" - Town & Village Newspaper (article)

"Community Inspires Owner Of Store Damaged In Fire To Reopen" - CBS News (article)


"Outpouring of Support for Separated Immigrant Families Shown in Drive" - Town & Village (article)

Thank You

Ibiza Kidz offers a unique personal shopping experience that big business franchises and online stores can't possibly compete with. We will always guarantee to go the extra mile to make sure each and every customer leaves happy and satisfied.

Thank you for shopping small.

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